Intelligent radiological diagnosis creates new ways for radiologists to read scans.
Wingspan Cloud diagnosis platform is an online radiological diagnosis center based on cloud platform technology with unlimited cloud storage. Radiologists can read scans on multiple platforms at any time or place on PC, tablet or phone. Wingspan provides professional online interpreting and tele-consultation vehicles for the largest internet-based radiologists group in China to read scans. Wingspan Cloud connects superior hospitals with primary-level medical institutions in the same region, making medical service accessible and affordable for grassroots public and alleviating the pressure on big hospitals.
Diagnostic procedure
Wingspan box
A specially-designed software and hardware AIO machine connecting imaging modalities in hospitals with Wingspan Cloud diagnosis platform
Wingspan box creates an easy way for radiology departments in small hospitals to upload and restore images. The radiologists group working on Wingspan Cloud diagnosis platform will post back diagnosis reports after interpreting images. The Box integrates Wingspan Cloud work station, PACS Server module, reservation and registration module and diagnosis report module.
Functions and features
A special software and hardware machine of Wingspan cloud diagnosis platform
Automatic updating
High-speed transmission
Radiologists Group
Cloud storage