Digital film
A mobile phone is your own health passport.
Digital film is an epoch-making product launched by Wingspan. Traditional medical films are replaced. Patients can share losslessly-compressed original images to initiate remote consultation by simply scanning a QR code on phone, tablet or PC. Patients’ digital image information will be stored on Wingspan Cloud forever.
More portable

No need to worry the traditional films might be lost, damaged or inconvenient to carry. You only need a QR code of digital film for referral or re-diagnosis. The digital film can be displayed at any time and any place.

More complete images

Traditional films convey limited image data and the information is insufficient. Digital film can store all the original images in the cloud and any micro abnormality will not be missed out.

More secure information

SSL Encryption is adopted to ensure secure transmission. Your privacy is locked through the lossless compression of original images and data disaster recovery and backup.

More green

Reduce the costs of traditional medical materials and the pollution of silver films. Digital film is the choice of this information-digitalized and intelligence-based era.