More professional and higher quality imaging test experience
Wingspan is the largest diagnostic radiology services provider in China, with over 10 imaging assets. Equipped with the latest radiological modality equipment, imaging centers can provide first-rate image check, accurate interpretation, double check and tele-consultation via Wingspan Cloud diagnosis platform. By relocating experienced radiologists, imaging centers will truly promote hierarchical medical system to benefit more people and satisfy the ever-growing market demands for imaging check, diagnosis and data sharing.

Imaging centers help hospitals provide exceptional care and represent an effective supplement and technical support for hospitals. They deliver a positive patient experience, drive operational excellence and create competitive differentiation. They house the most up-to-date scanners and carry out the most advanced procedures available. They are easily accessible with more convenient hours. As a result, patients receive efficient service almost around the clock. .

Wingspan cooperates with many institutions and hospitals by harnessing its strength in operation and management to lay out the third-party independent imaging centers across the country.

High-end scanners
Top radiologists
Real-time teleradiology
Considerate service
Extended health check
Remote consultation
Quality control