Wingspan will appear in China Arab countries Expo


The fourth China Arabia National Fair will be held in Yinchuan, Ningxia, on September 5th -8. As a leading medical industry, wingspan medical group will participate in the Expo and attend the "Internet + health care" Application Conference with the star product diagnostic platform.

Approved by the State Council and co sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of China, China Council for the promotion of international trade and the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China Arab countries Expo is a national and international comprehensive Expo, which is open to the whole world with China and Arab countries as the main body.

Since 2010, the three Sino Arab Economic and trade forum and the two China Arabia National Fair have been successfully held in Ningxia, which has produced extensive and profound influence in the world. It has been widely recognized by the "one belt and one road" countries including Arabia countries, and has made positive contributions to promoting pragmatic cooperation between China and Arab countries.

Through the holding of China Arab exposition, relevant state ministries and departments signed a number of China Arab cooperation agreements with relevant government departments of Arab countries, which effectively widened the channels of China Arab cooperation.

As a highlight of the Expo, the Internet + health care industry exhibition and Application Conference has attracted the attention of many industry participants. This industry exhibition covers innovative fields such as telemedicine, artificial intelligence and so on. The theme of "Internet + leading innovation and prosperity of health care industry" focuses on Internet + medical health policy, technology and application, through exhibitions. Investment and trade helps the development of the industry, and promotes the development, investment and exchanges and cooperation between China and Arabia countries and other countries along the belt and road in the field of "Internet + medical health", and jointly creates a new prospect for the development of the international "Internet + health care" industry.

In August 2017, wingspan joined the first people's Hospital of Yinchuan to build the first remote imaging diagnostic center in Ningxia, explore the Internet + medical health mode, and radiate the basic level hospitals in the autonomous region and link up with radiologists from the third class hospital in Beijing. Up to now, the center has been put into operation for more than 700 days. It has two sub centers, Lingwu City and Yongning County. It has access to more than 180 medical institutions in Ningxia and Alxa, Inner Mongolia, and other places. It has completed more than 140000 cases of diagnosis, with the maximum number of cases diagnosed per day reaching more than 1400.

In the face of such remarkable achievements, wingspan has not stopped. At present, wingspan is committed to building an all-round service ecosystem based on intelligent image through the "cloud shadow" medical image diagnosis platform, which takes building an all-round intelligent image ecosystem as the core, and provides imaging department co construction, imaging equipment leasing, medical image information construction, imaging doctor group diagnosis consultation and practice Time remote accurate diagnosis, digital film, third-party independent image center, artificial intelligence image diagnosis and other comprehensive services. It connects the traditional medical image island through the mobile Internet, optimizes the resource allocation, and connects the equipment and doctors effectively and quickly, so as to fundamentally solve the pain point of image diagnosis and improve the accuracy and diagnosis speed. At the same time, carry out the research and development of artificial intelligence based on medical image, so that the future artificial intelligence products can be embedded in the equipment and diagnosis services, and establish a complete online and offline ecological layout.

This time, wingspan will present the latest version of "cloud shadow" products at the Expo. This product will continuously improve the ability and quality of image diagnosis services by introducing the research and development of artificial intelligence assisted diagnosis based on deep learning, 5g technology, etc., and create an innovation platform that can truly solve practical problems for patients, hospitals and the industry.

It is believed that the wingspan will continue to expand the innovation achievements based on the Yinchuan model, and empower the "one belt and one way" policy to export the high level medical imaging technology and advanced medical care to overseas Chinese people and all the other countries along the route. Let Ningxia, an important node of the ancient Silk Road, sail with China's medical science and technology innovation.

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