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About Wingspan

Wingspan Medical Group is an end-to-end medical imaging service provider, committed to improving medical imaging diagnostic quality, optimizing business operational efficiency and lowering cost by mobile internet and AI technology.

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Wingspan Medical Group

Imaging Diagnosis Cloud Ecosystem

Tele-radiology Open Collaboration AI Platform Medical Informatization Construction Imaging Center Radiologists Group Medical Imaging Partnership
Multi-dimension Ecosystem
Medical Informatization

The integrated solution of Wingspan information system closely cooperates with the development strategy of digital hospital. Centering on the clinical service, medical technology system, administrative financial management and operation support system related to electronic medical records, a standardized hospital information platform is established to promote the sharing and efficient utilization of information resources.

Medical Imaging Diagnostic Center

Wingspan Medical Imaging Diagnosis Center, supported by high-end medical imaging equipment and first-class medical team, carries out early screening and diagnosis of specific diseases such as tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system diseases, and carries out high-end health examination, joint teleconsultation of famous doctors and exclusive health management services.

Regional Imaging Medical Consortium

Wingspan Imaging Medical Consortium solution breaks the "information island", "application island" and "resource island" between hospitals, realizes the image data sharing of regional medical institutions at all levels, gives full play to the leading hospital's disciplinary leadership and role, and improves the regional image diagnosis ability.

Open Collaboration Platform of Artificial Intelligence

Wingspan develops in depth in the field of medical imaging. It uses powerful channel resources to cooperate with AI enterprises, medical institutions and imaging doctors to build an efficient AI auxiliary diagnosis system, improve the efficiency and accuracy of image diagnosis, and create more value for data.

Imaging Cloud Diagnosis

Wingspan image cloud diagnosis solutions make up for the shortcomings in the number and experience of imaging staff in grass-roots hospitals, improve the accessibility of grass-roots medical services, and build a comprehensive solution covering remote diagnosis, remote consultation, remote education and telemedicine operation.

Provide high-quality imaging diagnosis for all
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