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About Wingspan

Wingspan Medical Group is an end-to-end medical imaging service provider, committed to improving medical imaging diagnostic quality, optimizing business operational efficiency and lowering cost by mobile internet and AI technology.

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Wingspan Medical Group

Imaging Diagnosis Cloud Ecosystem

Tele-radiology Open Collaboration AI Platform Medical Informatization Construction Imaging Center Radiologists Group Medical Imaging Partnership
Multi-dimension Ecosystem
Tele-radiology Platform

Wingspan’s cloud based tele-radiology platform connects imaging modalities, operation technicians and radiologists through mobile internet technology, extending remote diagnosis or consultation service from high-end hospitals to primary medical institutions in an internet way. The platform makes medical imaging service accessible and affordable for the masses.

Open Collaboration AI Platform

Based on self-built imaging centers and tele-radiology platform, Wingspan builds an open collaboration AI platform to develop AI-assisted diagnosis system. By leveraging the maximum potential of imaging data, Wingspan cooperates with medical institutions, radiologists and professionals to improve diagnosis accuracy and efficiency.

Regional Medical Imaging Partnership

Wingspan medical imaging partnership solution breaks the isolation of information, applications and resources among hospitals, and realizes the image data sharing of medical institutions at all levels in the region.  The leading hospitals are endowed with the role of disciplinary leadership to improve the regional image diagnosis results.

Imaging Center

Wingspan imaging center is a government-approved medical institution providing high-end imaging examination, remote imaging diagnosis and health management. With the biggest radiologist group interpreting images online, patients can receive efficient service almost around the clock. The Chinese government has granted 15 imaging center licenses to Wingspan.

Medical Informatization Solution

Wingspan medical informatization integration solution closely conforms to digital hospital development strategy. By establishing a standardized hospital information platform centered on the clinical service, medical technology system, administrative financial management and operation support system related to electronic medical records, the solution promotes the sharing and high efficiency of information resources.

Provide high-quality imaging diagnosis for all
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